Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tip of the Day

One of the most frustrating things about cooking for me is that it takes so long. If you hurry, you can ruin something or end up in the emergency room. The best trick I have learned to increase my efficiency is to use the "Thanks for Coming!" bowl, aka the garbage bowl. When food is cut, inedible pieces need to go somewhere. I'm right-handed, so I keep a bowl (it can be dirty, since it is for garbage, so no clean dish is dirtied) on my left side. That way, the hand that is steadying the food (as opposed to cutting) is empty and ready to instantly move pieces a few inches away. There's no turning, taking your eyes off of your work, or dropping food on the floor en route or when you have bad aim. Your grip on the knife is maintained. You don't lose the flow of your work.

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