Monday, November 22, 2010

Top Ten Gravy Tips

Since gravy is such a staple for the migraine patient, here are (in no particular order) ten of my favorite tips for using gravy:

1. Chicken stock is the most versatile liquid to add to your roux. It work great with chicken, but can also be used with pork, beef or seafood with good results. Use the unsalted version to have the most control over sodium and taste.
2. Beef stock is a great alternative that works with beef or stock. It can be used on meat loaf or salsbury steak.
3. Vegetable stock is fun for a change. It can be used to create vegetarian dishes, or served with lighter meats like chicken or seafood.
4. Add Cajun seasoning to your gravy. It makes a great topping for chicken. In the alternative, throw in some red beans, mirepoix (sauteed onion substitutes, bell peppers, celery) garlic, and meat, to end up with red beans and rice.
5. Add curry powder to your gravy. Add in left-over chicken, Asian veggies, serve over rice, and you have chicken a la king.
6. Add cream cheese to your gravy. It makes a great sauce for pasta and/or chicken. Throw in some English peas to give it some color.
7. Add cheese food product (Velveeta) to make a sauce for mac and cheese. Add to cooked macaroni, and bake in casserole.
8. A little milk or cream added to gravy changes its character entirely and makes it new again.
9. Tomato paste turns your veloute into espagnole. If this is prepared with garlic, ginger, and some Indian spices, you get a very commonly-used Indian sauce.
10, Gravy makes great savory pie filling. I use chicken for chicken pot pie and beef for shepherd's pie.

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