Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love Child of the Day

Some of the most fun cooking ideas involve combing old techniques in new ways.  This next idea came from answering the question, "What if macaroni and cheese and shepherd's pie went on a date, they got drunk, things got out of hand, and an unwanted child resulted?"  The strange and wonderful result was as follows:

I browned up some ground meat with salt, pepper, garlic and maybe a touch of beef-flavored Better than Bouillon.  While that was going on, I boiled some diced potatoes for about 15 minutes ("fork tender" is what you're looking for).  And I made some bechamel.  And I thawed some frozen veggies in the microwave.  Yes, it was dangerous for anyone to step in the kitchen with that much going on.

When the meat was done, I drained it on paper towels.  I drained the potatoes and mashed them with some butter, salt (or garlic salt), pepper, and a bit of milk.  When the bechamel was nice and thick (I used about 3-4 tablespoons of both butter and flour, and about 3 cups of milk - skim is fine), I threw in 12-16 oz (depending on your tastes and desires - start small and add more until perfect) of grated cheddar.  Velveeta should be fine if cheddar is a trigger for you. 

I mixed the meat and veggies, put them in a casserole, poured in the cheese sauce, spooned the potatoes on top, and topped the potatoes with a sprinkle of paprika for color.  I threw it in a 400 degree oven for about 25 minutes.  While it cooked, I cleaned up.

The result was perhaps not the most healthy thing I have ever cooked, but DANG it was good.  And it was very affordable.  Everyone loved it.  And best of all, no triggers. 

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