Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bonus Tip of the Day

Fresh broccoli and I have worked out an uneasy truce.  I cut off as much of the stems as possible, put it in a collander, cover with a towel, and put the package over a pot of boiling water until the florets are a vibrant green.   Then it's over and we don't have to look at eachother again until next time.

The problem is that you are left with a ton of stems.  If you steam them, they cook at a different speed and the broccoli is cooked unevenly.  And they're not nearly as appealing as the florets - people will just leave them on their plate, or they'll politely force themselves to eat them.  You could opt for the frozen "florets only", but I've found a better way.  All you have to do is take your peeler, remove the outer layer of skin, and cut the stems into bite-sized pieces.  The pieces steam up about as quickly as the florets and to me, they taste better. 

Serve up with some garlic-infused olive oil, cheese food product or butter, salt and pepper.  Non-patients can put lemon or other forbidden toppings on their portions.  Life is pretty good.

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